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My Bag of Coal (aka, Bag Of Crap) arrived today!

For the unwashed among you, the deal-a-day website Woot! has a number of quirky traditions. Among these are occassionally holding non-stop one-deal-after-another marathons called "Woot-Offs", and another where they sell you a bag of random crap for a buck. Both have become ritualized and fetishized, and actually scoring a Bag Of Crap (BOC) is a tremendous challenge. Demand is great, robot auto-ordering tools common, and Woot's servers are historically fragile.

Nevertheless, during a Woot-Off in December 2011 I was (unexpectedly) successful for the third time, and my third BOC arrived on Wednesday, 21 December. A sort of early Christmas present. I photographed the unboxing for you.

The previous BOCs arrived in large Woot! boxes. This one came in a little box, with the pretty Woot! print all over it. It was a small load of loot, but arguably the most actually useful. The least crappy, in other words:

I'm thinking that the the cafe bingo will be a gag Christmas present for my former-barista sister-in-law, while the procrastination games go to my work-from-home brother. The flying monkey has already embarked on an ambitious and highly dangerous series of experiment test flights!

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 650 kB in size.










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