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My Brindle of Carrots (aka, Bag Of Crap) arrived today!

For the unwashed among you, the deal-a-day website Woot! has a number of quirky traditions. Among these are occassionally holding non-stop one-deal-after-another marathons called "Woot-Offs", and another where they sell you a bag of random crap for a buck. Both have become ritualized and fetishized, and actually scoring a Bag Of Crap (BOC) is a tremendous challenge. Demand is great, robot auto-ordering tools common, and Woot's servers are historically fragile.

Nevertheless, during a Woot-Off in August 2011 I was successful for the second time, and my second BOC arrived on Monday, 29 August. I photographed the unboxing for you.

The previous BOC arrived in an official, logo-adorned Woot! box. This one came in a plain, unmarked brown box, perhaps befitting the fact that is was even crappier crap. This one contained:

I suppose the cell phone battery extender might be useful, and the shirts and toys will probably be appreciated by some local charity, but all in all this was a bag of crap!

(Note: I have since scored another bag of crap! See the December 2011 score.)

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 650 kB in size.

It's here! Anticipation...

In a plain brown wrapper.

The captured atmosphere of Carrollton, TX protecting the goods.

The stuff!

Air. Good thing to have.

Sea-creature themed bags seemed to be in all the packages.

Some nice shirts, but all sized XS.

Koosh ball wannabes.

A dust rag? Trying to tell me something?

USB device battery extender. Potentially useful.

A full dozen of poorly made jewelry items.

Batteries mostly dead, LEDs all dead, & glue holding it together dried up.

It's called a Bag of Crap for a reason.

"Shalt thou not get the crap you want, want the crap you get."

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