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My Bountiful October Cornucopia (aka, Bag Of Crap) arrived today!

For the unwashed among you, the deal-a-day website Woot! has a number of quirky traditions. Among these are occassionally holding non-stop one-deal-after-another marathons called "Woot-Offs", and another where they sell you a bag of random crap for a buck. Both have become ritualized and fetishized, and actually scoring a Bag Of Crap (BOC) is a tremendous challenge. Demand is great, robot auto-ordering tools common, and Woot's servers are historically fragile.

Nevertheless, during a Woot-Off in late October 2010 I was successful, and my BOC arrived on Wednesday, 03 November. I photographed the unboxing for you.

It looked much the same as many others reported on the Woot! blog from that recent Woot-Off, and arrived neatly and safely packed in a lovely Woot! box with lots of bright green bags of air. It contained:

It's a pity that the tee is a small, because as a professional mad scientist it works for me, otherwise. Still, a pretty good haul, I'd say!

(Note: I have since scored more bags of crap! See the August and December 2011 scores.)

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 575 kB in size.

The box finally arrives! Such excitement!

Detail of the lovely Woot! box, made of the finest cardboard.

Filled with bags of fresh air from Carrollton, Texas.

The crap revealed!

Some kids' stuff to start with...

Barbie "Scratch & Design" stickers .

"Brothers In Arms" action figure. GI Joe better be on his toes. This guy looks like a tough hombre.

"The Chemist" tee-shirt from Shirts.Woot. Cool design; sadly for me, it's a women's size small.

Now some electronic goods and accessories...

A mysterious box-within-a-box, holding two HDMI expanders.

A separately included HDMI adapter.

All the HDMI goodies together.

A red and black iPhone 3G case. Not quite big enough to hold my HTC HD.

A pink Snap digicam by Blue Digital, masquerading as a carabiner.

Now the good stuff... golf cap and sling bag from the McGladrey Team Championship PGA tournament.

The cap is, well, a cap.

The sling bag is nice. Good size with an outer zip chamber, bottle pocket and a phone pocket on the strap.

My first bag of crap! Not bad...

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