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Sunday, Day 2 of BAK 2017, was a change of pace. We turned north into the Smoky Valley for both a change of scenery and a break from that incessant southwest wind. A sponsored lunch at Ransom had to be earned with a two-mile jaunt back west into the wind, but it was worth it.

I logged 75 miles on this trip to WaKeeney, and the details are at Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.


I don't often see the sun rise!





Site of George Washington Carver's homestead near Beeler.







Noah Ness, namesake of Ness City and county.



Getting to Ransom for lunch required fighting headwinds...

...but it was worth the effort.




Delicious barbeque and Mexican cuisine...

...served up in style.


The Smoky Valley is a lovely change of pace from teh flatlands.

Another SAG Hags stop at this neat old building.





Tailwinds and long downhills complimented the landscape.




Welcome to WaKeeney.






Dinner and festivities in the park.





The shuttle bus made getting around town easy.


Good old-fashioned apple pie tonight!


Every day is Christmas in WaKeeney.





Trego county courthouse.


Sunsets I do often see...

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