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Lincoln was the ultimate destination of Day 4 on BAK, but not before that hellish wind blew us through both Paradise and the Garden of Eden! The old water tower in Paradise, KS and the bizarre art (and lunch on a theater stage) in Lucas provided the day's sightseeing.

I did not linger as a tourist too long at either site, trying to beat the heat and ride 68 miles, as shown at Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.

Road crew with a sense of humor stenciled these all along the newly paved K-18.


Early morning SAG stop amidst lush fields.


Pretty valley.





In Paradise (Kansas).







Boo the Labrador made a lot of friends.


The ever-popular lemonade stand, in Waldo.






Cabin at the Luray rest area.










Folk art in downtown Lucas.





Sponsored lunch in the theater at Lucas.




The Garden of Eden, in Lucas, KS.





It was a hellish wind...

...that drove us through Paradise... the Garden of Eden.













Cherry pies.

The cherry pie went with tasty buffalo stew (with fresh veggies in it).



Abe and Mary appear in Lincoln.




There's a storm brewing...

...that would ultimately chase us indoors.

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