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Day 7, our last full day of riding, brought more challenges. Our path to Troy was hilly and the south wind was still strong. The rollers into Hiawatha and the cliff-side that Severance is built on were particularly vexing. Troy always shows us a good time, though, and there was plenty of beer, barbecue and ice cream on the square. The wrap-up meeting was held there as well.

It was just 56 miles (but seemed longer) which you can view in detail at
Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.

Sunrise over the Penske truck.

You won't find me up this early very often.




More cute SAG helpers.


BAK often runs on Flag Day. Not quite this year, but we celebrate anyway.








Appropriate storefront in Hiawatha.







Highland Community College was our endpoint on BAK a few years ago.

Bamboo bike.

"They're called glacial hills because that's how fast we ride up them."


Hayride shuttle service to downtown Troy, for those fed up with the hills.





Scenes from the Doniphan county courthouse square. Abe Lincoln campaigned here once.







The "Tall Oak" transformed into "To the American Indian".

Final group meeting at Bubba's, with shade and door prizes.

'Murica. Brought to you by those fine Belgian brewers, InBev.

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