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Our longest ride was Day 6 to Sabetha, 86 miles via the primary route, but with an optional century loop. This leg also took us into Nebraska for a sponsored lunch at a winery/brewery in Pawnee City. There was pie and ice cream near Bern, too. I stupidly missed a turn right out of Marysville and wound up extemporizing a route to lunch that still netted me the century.

It's a century! I rode 101 miles, which you can view in detail at
Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.


I shouldn't have seen these; it meant that I was off-course...



This SAG at another pretty church meant I was back on course, and I visited twice: once northbound and once southbound.


Biking Across Nebraska :-)




Another sponsored lunch at this winery/brewery in Pawnee City, NE.






Impressive wall display. I may try this at home...










Biking Across Kansas, again!



Yellow cherry pie and homemade ice cream near Bern.

International Media and Cultures, not Immaculata High School.

Sabetha does mass garage sales on special days, and this guy had bicycles!



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