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On Day 2 we traveled to Phillipsburg, with a lunch stop in Norton. The community hosted groups providing food in the local armory, including the traditional wide variety of pies! I had a refreshing slice of strawberry chiffon. Northwest Kansas has some genuine relief to it, unlike the really flat central plains.

We traveled 69 miles this day, which you can view in detail at
Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.


Many abandoned farm buildings out here, like this one near a SAG.






Lunch was at the armory in Norton and was very well-organized by the citizens.





BAK is all about the pie!



The rider was named Bernie; it wasn't about "Feeling the Bern"...



Tasty treats.



Phillips county courthouse in Phillipsburg.


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