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We rode to Belleville for Day 4, with a sponsored lunch stop in Jamestown. This was our first substantial detour off of US-36, making for more interesting scenery but introducing more challenging winds. Belleville's flag-bedecked square hosted both a farmers' market and food for hungry cyclists.

The day came to a relatively short 60 miles, which you can view in detail at
Garmin Connect or at Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 5 MB in size.


Of course I just happened to sit down to breakfast next to the science lab.



Pretty little church and welcome SAG on the Cloud county line.





"Peace, love and pole vault."




Our sponsored lunch stop in Jamestown, with free postcards.




It's amazing seeing so much water and lush green out here.



She photo-bombed me, and I promised to share it with the world :-)








Bubba and Phoebe pampering the pedalers.



Amazing display of flags on the courthouse square.





Along with all the prepared food for cyclists, there was a farmers' market.



Appropriate window decoration in a downtown business.


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