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This was the 40th anniversary of Biking Across Kansas, and to celebrate there was a reunion held on Day 4 after we rode from Ellinwood to Salina. Ellsworth and Kanapolis offered some quaint sight-seeing along the way. Salina was preparing for the Smoky Hill River Festival, so food vendors and entertainmers were available in Oakdale Park.

My complete GPS-mapped ride report can be reviewed at Garmin Connect or Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

The storms prevented exploration of Ellinwood until morning.


Sheaves of wheat are apparently a civic symbol.


Speaking of wheat, here are some amber waves of grain.










Downtown Ellsworth. Please excuse the balky lens cover...




The Fort Harker guardhouse in Kanapolis.



This fixer-upper could be yours...




Remains of the once famous Brookville Hotel.






A local SAG stop just outside of Salina.



Engine 477 in the park at Salina.









Cool footbridge in the park at Salina.


Weirdly, I had been craving Mediterranean food the night before.







The BAK 40th anniversary reunion festivities in Salina Central High.






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