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On Day 6 we rode from Wamego to Oskaloosa, and entered into northeast Kansas' rolling hills in earnest. Much of the route was the way I used to drive back-and-forth from my home in Leavenworth to K-State when I was a student. Other parts of the route I'd actually bicycled long ago on Boy Scout "bike hikes". Like the day before riding through Manhattan, very familiar terrain.

My complete GPS-mapped ride report can be reviewed at Garmin Connect or Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.





Kids running lemonade stands are always a big hit!


Cool ranch gate near a SAG with delicious strawberries.

Not to be outdone, the SAG Hags had delicious melon at the next stop.



Hot dogs and pie at this church near Ozawkie.



The views from high up in the bleachers at Oskie.




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