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Elkhart was our jumping-off point for this 40th anniversary riding of the Bike Across Kansas. Friday, or Day 0 if you will, is usually an opportunity to make a run to the Colorado border. It was again this year, but since we were doing the state catty-corner, we could also hit the Oklahoma border. Elkhart straddles that border, so Oklahoma was easy to get. Colorado wound up requiring a ride in a thunderstorm! The wild wind and sheer terror made me the King of the Mountain for the Strava segment, though!

My complete GPS-mapped ride report can be reviewed at Garmin Connect or Ride With GPS.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Our journey begins on the buses in Wichita.

The bikes rode in the Penske truck.

The riders rode in the buses.



My faithful steed, ready to roll in Elkhart.








The border is just where the paved Kansas road turns into Colorado dirt.



At least there's a sign on the Kansas side.


That look on my face comes from spotting the thunderstorm blowing in...


The first nightly meeting.


Rainbow and mammatus clouds after the first storm blew through.

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