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Biking Across Kansas officially began in Johnson City in far southwest Kansas this year. Amy Cederlind organized the Bikes On Buses excursion that transported riders and their bikes from Lenexa to there on Friday. It was a long ride. We got in fairly late in the day and storms threatened, so I postponed the run to the border for the next day. The official course would have made Saturday a 90 mile day, so I just went ahead and made it a century. The photos here are from the bus trip and the run to the border. The rest of the Saturday ride to Sublette is in the next gallery.

My complete GPS-mapped ride report for BAK Day 1 can be read at Garmin Connect. Note that my little Forerunner's battery died at about 98 miles; I have an Endomondo trace from my phone as a backup for you doubters!

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.


Loading the bikes and riders in Lenexa.



Padre's Cycle Inn, my home away from home.



BAK registration.

Route guides. Kind of important.

Water bottles. Swag!





Evening meeting in the gym.



Bikes. Lots of bikes.


My faithful steed, ready for a week of hard riding.

Stanton county courthouse.



The Colorado border on US160.


I took a longer, non-official route to the border in pursuit of a century.





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