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Day 3, headed for Coldwater, was probably both the toughest and the most interesting route of the ride. It was long and hot, 75 miles total, with the last 25 right into the south wind. We went though Mullinville, home of an eccentric old artist whose sculpture lines the road. We lunched in Greensburg, which was totally destroyed by tornado in 2007 and is rebuilding as a sustainable, green community. To say nothing of hosting the world's deepest hand-dug well! The ladies of Coldwater went all-out to feed us, with excellent chicken & noodles and biscuits & gravy.

My complete GPS-mapped ride report for BAK Day 3 can be read at Garmin Connect. Note that my little Forerunner's battery died yet again on this leg, almost exactly 10 miles short of the finish.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

The long, flat, wind-swept road ahead.

First SAG stop.



Roadside sculpture at Mullinville.









The artist, M. T. Liggett, in his workshop.


More SAG stop fun.


Greensburg welcomes BAK.



Storm sculpture outside of the well.



A fellow rider recounts his morning bike crash. All turned out well.


Inside the new hand-dug well museum.



The tornado spared the antiquated library card catalog.



Panoramic view of the new Greensburg from the new well museum.



Looking down into the world's deepest hand-dug well.



It's nice and cool down at the bottom of the well!


Above, meteorite discovered near Greensburg.

Right, one of the trees stripped to the trunk by the tornado.



Padre's Cycle Inn at Coldwater, a welcome sight at the end of a long ride.


An outstanding chicken & noodles dinner at Coldwater!


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