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Day 5 took us 69 miles to Arkansas City. The day got off to an amusing start with the discovery that we had a high-wheeled penny-farthing rider on the course. The town of Caldwell has a colorful wild-west shoot-out history told on a series of markers downtown. Near Drury, down a sleepy old road, is a neat old mill dam. Finally, I got to see the Arkansas River with actual water in it. That's not true out around Dodge...

My complete GPS-mapped ride report for BAK Day 5 can be read at Garmin Connect.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Wheat. Lots of wheat.


The high-wheeled penny-farthing.




The high-wheeled penny-farthing rider approaches.








The Chikaskia river, which we crossed thrice.


Difficult to see here, but a set of giant wind turbine blades passed us.




Oversize load making the turn into Caldwell.





Caldwell has a colorful history on display downtown.









Old mill dam in Drury.





My faithful steed on the bridge over the Chikaskia ouside Drury.






Goodies at a SAG stop. I recommend the bananas and animal crackers.





There's water in the Arkansas! Who knew?


Downtown Ark City.



Another steam locomotive. I can't pass these beauties by.









The two velomobiles on BAK parked together.


Band concert in Ark City.


One of several street sculptures in Ark City.

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