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In the wake of the storm, the weather for our 76-mile ride to Troy on Friday was quite pleasant (details). It was another long ride. The morning was mostly easy flatland. A burger, fries and ice cream lunch in Horton prepared me for the afternoon hill-climbing festival! The citizens of Troy then threw a huge block party for us that evening, and no one walked away hungry.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

My tent, pre-dawn, after the storm.


Everything, everywhere was soaked.

Having breakfast, waiting for the sun.


Downed tents in the light of day.


On the road again, finding drowned fields, swollen streams and wet cattle.






The SAG was at the Corning park, not the cemetery...



Swollen stream outside Goff, KS.





Girl Scouts selling cinnamon rolls.

Cute toy cash register ringing up real sales.




Pretty roadside flowers and not-so-pretty storm clouds.






Hippie SAG (and some cell phone pics).

Peace, love and fresh fruit!

Tiger lillies and cattails near the SAG stop.


Downtown Horton, hunting for lunch.




Octagonal John Fuhrken barn in Doniphan County.

The last SAG of BAK12, run by pretty girls!

Padre's campers in the old gym at Troy...

...which we frankly ought not to have been in... the weather wasn't that bad.





Hayride to the Troy town square.









Troy really put on the dog for us!





Chuckwagon Ice Cream again.




A classic car show along one side of the square.








Historic home where Lincoln once stayed.

Mule cart rides above, and giant Jenga, right.


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