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Our first full day went some 53 miles from Sharon Springs to Oakley. Temperatures were moderate, but there was still a strong, gusting south wind (details). A SAG at the Fort Wallace museum and a BAK-sponsored lunch in Winona were highlights of the ride itself. Oakley was celebrating Buffalo Bill Days at their enormous statue of Willam Cody. Eating their BBQ in the high winds proved messy!

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A smoothie and sweetroll breakfast in Sharon Springs.


Officially underway!

Fort Wallace museum was the first SAG.

Besides history, they had home-baked cookies!


The buffalo is made of barbed wire.




Not entirely flat.





Harvest got an early start due to the warm spring.


A BAK-sponsored lunch in Winona.


One of the two hand-cranked recumbent riders.



The SAG Hags provided daily themed rest stops.

They were celebrating Buffalo Bill Days in Oakley.


Yes, the wind was blowing. Hard.





Details of the huge Williiam Cody statue.



We were made to feel welcomed!




Post-ride relaxation under Padre's canopy.


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