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Sunday was a day from hell. The winds clocked around from west to north, steady at 35 mph and gusting to 47 mph. After a trudge northward, we had to battle gusts that threatened to push us over or off the road (details). It was the most frightening ride I ever hope to have. Hoxie was a relief to reach after 43 miles with a death-grip on the handlebars, and I found a lovely coffee shop to settle my nerves in.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Amber waves of grain.




The SAG ladies clowning around.



The turn east onto US24 and a brief respite from the wind.

Intensely windy SAG stop. Note the tree leaves and grass bent under the wind.


Nice pavillion near the SAG stop.


The haze in the air is blowing dust.


Padre's tents would stay up in the gusts. We wound up in the elementary school gym.







The elementary school that would become our campsite.


Oscar's, a gem of a coffee shop.


The upstairs bathroom in Oscar's.

Much nicer than the school locker rooms!



Camped out in the gym.

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