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Our final day, Saturday, 16 June, was an easy 16 miles, all downhill in nice weather (details) from Troy to Elwood. An excellent Chris Cakes breakfast awaited us there, along with friends, family and buses to take us home. I traveled a total of 509 miles at about 14.5 mph, and went genuinely border-to-border.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Leaving Troy.

Just 16 miles, all downhill, today.



Leaving Kansas!

The muddy Missouri river.



Success! On the Missouri border.

Entering Saint Joseph.


Re-entering Kansas.



Wheels stopped!

True milage was 509 miles.




In the park at Elwood.




Ivan and Vicki Wright's recumbents.


Lined up for breakfast.



Tasty Chris Cakes, served with attitude!



The bus to take me home...

...and the truck for my faithful steed.

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