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By Tuesday the wind started to settle into a more Kansas-like pattern, strong from the SSE (details). We were going that way, of course, and now beginning to find some hills. Pie and ginger-molasses cookies from the ladies of Kirwin kept me going the 64 miles into Downs.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Another new day dawns.

Cool-looking twisted tree in a ravine.


They were repaving the road... we waited for the pilot car.



The SAG volunteers are always superheroes...

...and today they dressed the part.


In Kirwin.



Pie and cookie break.

Yes, we do grow wheat in Kansas!


A scenic SAG stop.



Tricycling Across Kansas.






A close encounter with the harvest.


Portis, KS has ties to animation greatness.





Antiques of all sorts in Portis.


The Walrond Stockade historical marker.



Almost there... but into the wind!



My bike, safely into Downs.

Another of the many recumbent designs.







There were many tandems, too.



Lakeside High School in Downs.



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