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With the weather behaving better (details), we could concentrate on climbing hills as part of our 80 mile longest day! An excellent spaghetti lunch and a bit of sight-seeing in Blue Rapids helped break up the day. The weather had one last nasty surprise waiting for us after a pizza party in Centralia - a nasty thunderstorm that chased us indoors and dumped 4 inches of rain on our gear.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 4.5 MB in size.

Bicycle art in Clyde.


Oh, give me a home where the bufallo roam...





A bit of whimsy in Clifton, KS.



Enterprising students selling snacks at the top of a hill!

The yogurt, fruit and granola parfaits were superb.





It was Flag Day! Have I mentioned the wind?



A very patriotic Flag Day SAG.




A fellow rider's tire flirts with disaster. It actually survived the day's ride.


Excellent spaghetti lunch in Blue Rapids.


Blue Rapids town square.


SAG stop in Frankfort, just north of home.






Another enterprising little girl, giving away lemonade at the top of a hill.

Brilliant location and friendly service nets lots of tips!


The tents we wouldn't get to sleep in.




The Chuckwagon Ice Cream folks, who were also with us last year.



The low RPM motor drives the churn.


Impromptu Padre's pizza party.


The calm before the storm!

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