Squire Boone JR.

16 Oct 1744 - Aug 1815

Father: Squire BOONE
Mother: Sarah MORGAN

                                          _George BOONE II_+
                 _George BOONE III_______|
                |                        |_Sarah UPPEY ____
 _Squire BOONE _|
|               |                         _John MAUGRIDGE _
|               |_Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE _|
|                                        |_Mary MILTON ____
|--Squire Boone JR. 
|                                         _________________
|                _Edward MORGAN _________|
|               |                        |_________________
|_Sarah MORGAN _|
                |                         _________________
                |_Elizabeth JARMAN ______|

[485] "The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p72: "Squire Boone, Jr. (Squire; George), born 5 Oct., 1744; died Aug. 1815. Married 8 Aug., 1765,
Jane VanCleve (b. 16 Oct., 1749; d. 10 Mar., 1829). Squire Boone, Jr., son of Squire, Sr., and Sarah
(Morgan) Boone, was born "on Thursday about five o'clock in the morning", in Philadelphia (now
Berks) County, Pennsylvania, near the present city of Reading... Squire was left as an apprentice
to his cousin, Samuel Boone, to learn gunsmithing. He stayed five years, becoming an expert
gunsmith, and "neat workman, in stocking and ornamenting guns with brass and silver." A year or
so before his apprenticeship was up, he or his parents purchased the balance of his time and he
returned to North Carolina. In 1765, when he lacked a few weeks of being twenty-one years old, he
was married to Jane VanCleve, who was born in New Jersey; a daughter of Aaron VanCleve of Low
Dutch descent, from Holland. Her parents with seven sons and this daughter moved early to the
Yadkin Country, where she and Squire Boone were married. She died at the home of her son, Enoch
Morgan Boone, at the mouth of Otter Creek, Ky."

"A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri"
William S. Bryan and Robert Rose
Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO, 1876
pp3-8: "Life of Daniel Boone"
"He had seven sons and four daughters, whose names are here given in the order of their births,
from information furnished by the late Daniel Bryan, the celebrated gunsmith of Kentucky, who was
a nephew of Daniel Boone: Israel, Sarah, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, (mother of
Daniel Bryan), George, Edward, Squire, Jr., and Hannah. The maiden name of the mother of these
children was Sarah Morgan."

"The Jess M. Thompson Pike County History"
Thompson, Jess M.
Pittsfield, IL; Pike County Historical Society; 1967
Chapters 32, 76: "Squire Boone, son of George Boone III, married Sarah Morgan in Berks county,
Pennsylvania, on September 23, 1720... They became the parents of seven sons and four
daughters, as follows, in the order of their birth: Sarah, Israel, Samuel, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Daniel,
Mary, George, Edward, Squire and Hannah... Squire Boone married into the VanCleve family, several
of whose members located in Pike county in an early day. His wife was Jane VanCleve."

[483] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

[484] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

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