ABT 25 Sep 1833 - 4 May 1889

  • RESIDENCE: Mar 1836, Mariposa, Victoria, Ontario, Canada
  • RESIDENCE: BEF 1871, Plano, Kendall, IL
  • RESIDENCE: 1878, Fairmont, Fillmore, NE
  • RESIDENCE: 1879, Oak and North Bluff Precinct, Lancaster, NE
  • RESIDENCE: 1884, Beloit, Mitchell, KS
  • BIRTH: ABT 25 Sep 1833, Newmarket, York, Ontario, Canada
  • DEATH: 4 May 1889, Fremont, Sandusky, OH
  • BURIAL: 6 May 1889, Oakwood Cemetery, Fremont, Sandusky, OH
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Family 1 : Unknown
  1.  Alice JACOBS
  2.  Thomas JACOBS
Family 2 : Mary
  1.  R. Emma JACOBS
  2.  Nellie May JACOBS
  3.  John Walter JACOBS
  4.  Harry E. JACOBS
Family 3 : Cricket STILL
  • MARRIAGE: ABT Dec 1885, Kansas (?)
  1.  Albert Wilson JACOBS

           |  |__
 _Unknown _|
|          |   __
|          |__|
|             |__
|--John W. JACOBS 
|              __
|           __|
|          |  |__
|_Unknown _|
           |   __

[4023] Place of birth assumes that JW and his sister were both born in Newmarket,
which is very likely given that Libbie is known to have lived there until 1836.

Cricket says in a letter dated 09-12-1883 that "the 25th is JWs birthday";
from that and the various censuses I've set his birthdate as probably 25 Sep 1833.

The 1900 census shows that Mary Jacobs bore four children, but in the
1880 census there are six children living with JW and Mary, with
an eight-year gap between the oldest two and youngest four. Mary
is too young to have reasonably been the mother of the oldest two
children, and her obituary confirms that she had only four children.
This implies that there is still an unaccounted for first Mrs, Jacobs.

The 1880 census also suggests that Alice, the oldest child, was born in IL in
about 1861, but that Thomas, the next child, was born in Canada in 1863.
Subsequent census records bear out that Thomas was born in Canada and
all the younger children in IL. Alice I don't know the married name of, and can't find.
A letter implies that she probably married around Christmas 1884.

Personal letters of John Jacobs and Cricket Still Jacobs Tubbs

1880 US Federal Census
Oak and North Bluff Precinct, Lancaster, NE
Roll: T9_751; Page: 286.1000

1885 Kansas State Census
KSHS Vol. 174 Tape K-89
Mitchell County, Beloit and Cawker City Twps.

"Biographical Directory of the Voters and Tax-Payers of Kendall County, Illinois"
Litle Rock Township Directory, Chapter 10, Page 55
Chicago: Geo. Fisher, 1876.
"Jacobs, J. W., P.O. Plano; Sec. 25; Ind.; Canada; 200 acres; value of property, $14,000."
(P.O. = "Post Office" Ind. = "Independent political party";
Note that there is also a B. F. Jacobs from Canada here.)

Obituary of John W. Jacobs
Fremont (OH) "Democratic Messenger"
Vol. 42, No. 41, 09 May 1889

Obituary of John W. Jacobs
Fremont (OH) "Journal"
Vol. 60, No. 22, 10 May 1889

Obituary of Elizabeth Hoover
Beloit (KS) Gazette
Thu, 21 Sep 1893
Vol 22, No 24, Pg 03

"Sandusky County, Ohio Index to Wills, Estates and Guardianships 1820-1900"
Sandusky County Kin Hunters
Fremont, OH; 1991
"Jacobs, John W.; Estate E-1889; Case 3549"

"General Index to Probate Records, 1820-1901"
Ohio Genealogical Society microfilm
"Jacobs, John W.; Estate E-1889; Case 3549; Administrator: John T. Garver"

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