____ - Mar 1626

  • DEATH: Mar 1626
  • BURIAL: 17 Mar 1626, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Family 1 : Eleanor THROWER
  • MARRIAGE: 22 APRIL 1612, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
  1. +Judith FELTON
  2.  Nathaniel FELTON
  3.  Margaret FELTON

   |  |__
|  |   __
|  |__|
|     |__
|--John FELTON 
|      __
|   __|
|  |  |__
   |   __

[5120] Note that the identification of Judith's father as "Nathaniel" by Avery and
others is mistaken; Nathaniel was her brother, not her father.

"A Genealogical History of the Felton Family"
Felton, William Reid
Tuttle Co.; Rutland, VT; 1935
p13: "Soon after this the will of a John Felton, Beer Brewer, of Great
Yarmouth in Norfolk was found in the Prerogative Live Court of Canterbury.
It was dated 2 March, 1626-7 and was proved on the 11th of the following
June, and directs that after the payment of his debts the residue of his
estate is to go to his wife Ellen, and is to be used for her maintenance
and for the bringing up of his children, none of whom are mentioned by
name. This discovery opened up so promising a field of investigation
that it was immediately followed by an examination of the Parish Registers
of the Church of St. Nicholas at Great Yarmouth. Here were found
recorded the marriage of John Felton and Ellen Thrower 22 April 1612,
the burial of John 17 March 1626-7, and the baptisms of their seven
children, among whom were a son, Nathaniel, and two daughters, Judith
and Margaret. Nathaniel was baptized 10 May, 1615, the year in which his
depositions made at Salem indicate that he was born. Benjamin was
baptized 19 December, 1604, which was also the year his Salem deposition
shows to have been that of his birth. He proved to be a younger brother
of John the Brewer, and, therefore, the uncle and not the brother of the
younger emigrants. His marriage to Mary Story 2 September, 1628, was
also found on the Parish Registers of St. Nicholas and furnished
additional proof, if any was needed, as to the identity of the Great
Yarmouth and Salem families."

"Ancestry of Abel Lunt"
Davis, Walter Goodwin
Anthoesen Press; Portland, ME; 1963
"JOHN, bapt. at Sutton March 11, 1620; m. about 1643, Judith Felton, daughter
of Widow Eleanor Felton, an early settler in Salem; he d. in 1683."

"Compendium of American Genealogy"
Virkus, Frederick Adams
Institute of American Genealogy; Chicago, IL; 1942
"FELTON, Nathaniel (bap. 1615-1705; son of John, of Great Yarmouth,
Norfolk, Eng., m. 1612, Ellen Thrower), came from Eng..."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
FELTON, _____ & Ellen/Eleanor _____ (-1652+); by 1613; Salem
[As noted above, this marriage was in England and John was dead before
Eleanor emigrated to New England.]

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