Elizabeth PLATT

1 Mar 1682 - ____

  • BIRTH: 1 Mar 1682
Father: Epenetus PLATT
Mother: Phebe WOOD

Family 1 : Jonathan SMITH
  • MARRIAGE: 14 Mar 1703 [5914]
  1. +Tabitha SMITH
  2.  Platt SMITH
  3.  Ruth SMITH

                  |             |__
 _Epenetus PLATT _|
|                 |              __
|                 |_____________|
|                               |__
|--Elizabeth PLATT 
|                                __
|                  _Jonas WOOD _|
|                 |             |__
|_Phebe WOOD _____|
                  |              __

[3601] Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature Collection
"Abstract of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office,
City of New York (Volume I. 1665-1707)"
"Page 161 - Marriage Licenses:...
Jonathan Smith and Elizabeth Platt, March 14, 1703."

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Jonathan Smith (Jonathan, Richard), b. 9 Nov 1676, died 1744, married (lic. 14 Mch 1703/4)
Elizabeth Platt, b. 1 Mch 1682, daughter of Epenetus and Phebe (Wood) Platt of Huntington, L.I.
Epenetus Platt was a son of Richard Platt, who came from England in 1683 and later settled in
Milford, Conn. The son, Epenetus Platt, removed to Huntington in 1666 and married in 1667.
Jonathan Smith inherited the homestead of his father and of his grandfather at Nissequogue, and
it remained in possession of his descendants of the Floyd name until recent years. His will, in
his own handwriting, dated 10 Oct 1743, proved 29 Nov 1744, mentions his recently deceased son,
Platt Smith, and leaves all property to his two daughters, Tabitha, wife of Nicoll Floyd, and
Ruth, wife of Henry Smith. Much of his real estate had been previously deeded to his son, Platt Smith."

"Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island, N.Y."
Transcribed by, and with and Introduction by
William S. Pelletreau
Huntington, N.Y.: Long-Islander Print, 1898, 569 pgs.
"The ancestor of the Platt family was Richard Platt, (son of Joseph,) who was baptized Sept.
28, 1603, in Barrington, a village near Hartfordshire, England. He came to this country in 1638
and settled in New Haven, and afterwards Milford, Conn. He died in 1684. His son, Epenetus
Platt, was baptized July 12, 1646. With his older brother Isaac he removed from Milford to
Huntington, LI in 1666. He married Phebe Wood in 1667. He was commissioned captain of a company
of militia in Suffolk County, May 3, 1689, and filled many offices of honor and trust. His son,
Jonas Platt, was born April 24, 1684, and purchased a farm at Sunk Meadow, in Smithtown, in
1717. The name of his wife is yet unknown. He was drowned "at Amboy in the Jerseys," March 25,
1731, aged 47. His sister, Elizabeth, married Jonathan Smith, 2d, She was born March 1, 1682."

[5914] [S168] New England Marriages Prior to 1700

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