____ - Jul 1800

  • OCCUPATION: Loyalist mayor of New York City.
  • DEATH: Jul 1800, Amelia Point, Cape Breton Island, Canada
Father: Vincent MATTHEWS
Mother: Catalina ABEEL

Family 1 : Sarah SEYMOUR
  • MARRIAGE: 6 Nov 1758, NY

                     _Peter MATTHEWS _____|
                    |                     |___________________________
 _Vincent MATTHEWS _|
|                   |                      ___________________________
|                   |_Bridget ____________|
|                                         |___________________________
|--David MATTHEWS 
|                                          _Christoffel Janse ABEEL __+
|                    _Johannes ABEEL _____|
|                   |                     |_Neiltje Jans CROOM _______
|_Catalina ABEEL ___|
                    |                      _Davitt Pieterse SCHUYLER _+
                    |_Catharina SCHUYLER _|
                                          |_Catlynje VER PLANCK ______+

[3135] Province of New York - Marriage Licenses
or http://longislandgenealogy.com/NYSMarrLic/NYmarlicense.htm
"1758 06 Nov; David Mathews; Sarah Seymour"

"Notes and Queries"
NYGBR v13 p143 (July 1882)
"This Vincent Mathews, born about 1700, became one of the patentees of a
tract of land near New Windsor, Orange County, where he settled, naming
the settlement "Mathewsfield", held various offices of public trust in
Orange County 1726-1770. He died in New York in June, 1784; was twice
married, both wives dying before him. His children were Peter, Fletcher,
David, Mayor of New York during the Revolution; James, Bridget, who
married ---- Jones, and Elizabeth, who married Theophilus Beekman."

"David Mathews"
Robert J. Morgan
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
"Mathews, David, office-holder; b. in New York City, son of Vincent
Mathews and his second wife Catalina Abeel; m. Sarah Seymour, and they
had at least two sons and two daughters; d. July 1800 at Amelia Point,
Cape Breton Island. David Mathews received his am from the College of
New Jersey (Princeton University) in 1754. After holding some minor
offices in the administration of New York City, he was appointed mayor
in February 1776. Soon afterwards, he was accused of treasonable
practices against the States of America in connection with his alleged
involvement in the Hickey Plot to assassinate George Washington and was
jailed in Litchfield, Connecticut. He escaped, however, and returned to
New York; in 1779 his property, which included 26,000 acres and two
houses, was confiscated by the New York Congress. Mathews continued as
mayor of New York until shortly before the evacuation of the city by
British troops in November 1783. Following his departure from New York,
Mathews travelled, like many other loyalists, to Nova Scotia..."

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