Samuel SMITH

18 Apr 1685 - Dec 1748

  • OCCUPATION: Merchant
  • BIRTH: 18 Apr 1685, Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ
  • DEATH: Dec 1748, Elizabeth Town, Union, NJ
Father: Samuel SMITH
Mother: Esther DUNHAM

Family 1 : Rebecca
  1.  Hezekiah SMITH
  2. +Joseph SMITH
  3.  Othniel SMITH
  4.  Samuel SMITH
  5.  William SMITH
Family 2 : Mercy TAYLOR
  • MARRIAGE: 1743

                                                  _Thomas SMITH _______
                  _John SMITH ___________________|
                 |                               |_____________________
 _Samuel SMITH __|
|                |                                _Samuel HINCKLEY ____
|                |_Susannah HINKLEY _____________|
|                                                |_Sarah SOULE ________
|--Samuel SMITH 
|                                                 _Richard SINGLETARY _
|                 _Jonathan Singletary \ DUNHAM _|
|                |                               |_Susannah COOKE _____
|_Esther DUNHAM _|
                 |                                _Thomas BLOOMFIELD __
                 |_Mary BLOOMFIELD ______________|
                                                 |_Mary _______________

[1250] Smith and associated lines from a GEDCOM at RootsWeb by Ronald Cox [].

Found in Bound Brook area of NJ, near village of Woodbridge on land from his father; c. 1735.

In a land transfer dated 1718 Samuel Sr. gave his son, Samuel Jr., a meadow and half of land containing forty
acres lying within the township of Woodbridge on the east side of the road that leads to Elizabethtown. This land
was part of a parcel that Samuel Sr. received in his patent and the land layed out by the appointment of the freeholders.

A man named Jacob Janeway had a store in East Jersey. It appears to have been located in what was later the town
of Bridgewater and is, today, Bound Brook. Jacob kept a set of books (now called the Janeway Account Books) from
1735 to 1746 and the following items appear on page 43 of volume 33.

Smith... Joseph, Oct 35 - Sep 46, son to Samuel
... Otheniel, Jun 35 - Aug 46, son to Samuel; delivered to Joseph Smith
... Samuel, Mch 35/6 - Feb 45, at Lamerton, John Bewah near, James Anderson on his place
... Samuel Jr, Oct 44, Dec 44
... William, Dec 36 - Jan 42, son to Samuel; joint account with James Quirck.

"Vital Records of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ"
from "The Story of a New Jersey Town"
Rev. Joseph W. Dally, New Brunswick, NJ, 1873
[Transcribed by Jane Devlin ]
"Samuel SMITH, son of Samuel SMITH & Easter, his wife, b. 18 Apr 1685"

"Quaker Records: Rahway & Plainfield Monthly Meetings
Essex County, New Jersey."
Cox, John, Jr., comp.
(From record of Samuel Smith, son of Shubal, husband to Mercy Taylor)
"Samuel Smith (perhaps the father) was lost at, Elizabethtown Point 12/9 mo (Nov) 1748"

[1248] [S91] Grant Smith, Ottawa & Jannis Rogers, Winnipeg, Long Point Settle

[1249] [S88] The Smith Family History, a compendium prepared in the 1980s b

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