Mordecai LOWE

18 Dec 1779 - 1 Feb 1825

  • OCCUPATION: Physician
  • BIRTH: 18 Dec 1779, Hagerstown, MD
  • DEATH: 1 Feb 1825, Marathon, Cortland, NY
  • BURIAL: Texas Valley Cemetery, Marathon, NY
Father: Cornelius LOWE
Mother: Catherine MCKINNEY

Family 1 : Abigail SPALDING
  • MARRIAGE: 16 Mar 1807
  1.  Charles LOWE
  2.  Agnes LOWE
  3.  Vincent LOWE

                      |                       |____________________
 _Cornelius LOWE _____|
|                     |                        ____________________
|                     |_______________________|
|                                             |____________________
|--Mordecai LOWE 
|                                              _Mordecai MCKINNEY _+
|                      _Mordecai MCKINNEY ____|
|                     |                       |_Mary SEBRING ______+
|_Catherine MCKINNEY _|
                      |                        _Jacob BODINE ______+
                      |_Agnes (Antje) BODINE _|
                                              |_Elizabeth SEBRING _+

[439] "Genealogy of the Lowe Family"
Previously unpublished, undated family memoir
Catherine Julia Lowe Marr and William Fletcher Lowe
"resided in Cortland, NY...was killed by a fall from his horse"

[Note: Marathon was created in 1818 from the town of Cincinnatus; In 1828, the name was changed to Harrison.]

"Lowe Genealogy"
Jesse Smith Lowe, Highland Park, IL (1933)
Blanche Beal Lowe, Newark, OH (1966)

1820 US Federal Cenus
Harrison (Marathon), Cortland, NY

Cortland County Cemetery Listings
Texas Valley Cemetery - Town of Marathon
"LOWE, Doct. Mordecai d 1 Feb 1825 age 44y
Abagail w/o Mordecai d 1 Jul 1830 age 47yrs 3mo 13da
Vincent s/o Mordecai & Abagail d 29 Jul 1819 age 17m 18d"

"History of Cortland County, NY"
H. P. Smith, Syracuse NY 1885
Chapter XXII, "History of the Town of Marathon"
"Dr. Mordecai Lowe located at the Center about the year 1812 and was engaged in the practice of his profession for several years. He was the only resident physician in that region for fifteen or twenty years. He is remembered as a man of fair education, bright intellect and successful in his practice; but his remuneration for his labors was meager. He died of consumption about fifty years ago. His son married a daughter of Captain Mallery and removed to a western State, where his wife died, leaving a daughter who now lives with her aunt, Mrs. Nathan Smith, in Cortand village. Dr. Lowes daughter married William Hinman, of Merrill Creek, town of Marathon."

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