ABT 1725 - ABT 1799

  • BIRTH: ABT 1725
  • DEATH: ABT 1799, Ulster County, NY
Father: Vincent MATTHEWS
Mother: Catalina ABEEL

Family 1 : Sarah WOODHULL
  • MARRIAGE: 24 Jan 1758, NY

                     _Peter MATTHEWS _____|
                    |                     |___________________________
 _Vincent MATTHEWS _|
|                   |                      ___________________________
|                   |_Bridget ____________|
|                                         |___________________________
|--Fletcher MATTHEWS 
|                                          _Christoffel Janse ABEEL __+
|                    _Johannes ABEEL _____|
|                   |                     |_Neiltje Jans CROOM _______
|_Catalina ABEEL ___|
                    |                      _Davitt Pieterse SCHUYLER _+
                    |_Catharina SCHUYLER _|
                                          |_Catlynje VER PLANCK ______+

[3132] "Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued
by the Secretary of the Province of New York Previous to 1784"
EB O'Callaghan, Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1860.
"1758. Jan. 24 Matthews, Fletcher, and Sarah Woodhull"

"General Daniel Bissell : his ancestors and descendants..."
Edith Newbold Jessop
New York, NY, 1927.
p100: "He resided in Ulster County, where he followed the legal profession
until his death, about 1799."

"Woodhull Genealogy: The Woodhull Family in England and America",
Mary Gould Woodhull and Frances Bowes Stevens,
Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1904
"Sarah Woodhull, 4th generation, born February 9, 1726, was the fourth daughter
and fifth child of Nathaniel Wodhull and Sarah Smith, of Smithtown, Long Island.
She married Fletcher Mathews. She died in the Year 1791."

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Sarah, b. 9 Feb 1726, died 1791, married (lic. 24 Jan 1758) Fletcher Mathews."

"The American Family of Woodhull"
Anna M. Woodhull and HR Stiles
NYGBR v4 p55 (Apr 1873)

"History of the City of New York: Its Origin, Rise, and Progress"
Mrs Martha Joanna Lamb, Mrs Burton Harrison
A.S. Barnes and Co., New York, 1896
"Fletcher Matthews, a brother of David and James Matthews, had married
into the Woodhull family, and resided in New York City. The three
brothers were the sons of Vincent Matthews and Catalina Abeel (daughter
of Mayor Abeel of Albany, and the grand- sons of Colonel Peter Matthews,
who came to this country as an officer under Governor Fletcher, in 1692.
They had one sister, who married Theophilus Beekman. James Matthews
married Hannah Strong, and they were the parents of General Vincent
Matthews, who died at Rochester in 1846, at the head of the bar in
Western New York."

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