____ - BEF 1704

  • DEATH: BEF 1704
Father: John (Tucker) TOOKER
Mother: Sarah

Family 1 : Daniel SMITH
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1690

                        |  |__
 _John (Tucker) TOOKER _|
|                       |   __
|                       |__|
|                          |__
|--Ruth TOOKER 
|                           __
|                        __|
|                       |  |__
|_Sarah ________________|
                        |   __

[3412] Smith line from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by Evelyn Beran [].

"Tracing the Early New Jersey Tooker/Tucker Family"
Franklin Tucker
(Does a good job of untangling the hard-to-find and contradictory evidence
concerning the John Tooker family of Long Island.)

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Richard Smith married (2) Hannah, daughter of John Tooker, of Southold. Her sister,
Ruth Tooker, had married Daniel Smith (9), Richard's youngest brother. John Tooker came
from England. His first wife was Mary Johnson, and his second wife was Hannah, daughter
of Barnabas Wines and widow of John Elton, of Southold. In the will of John Tooker, of Southold,
dated 24 April 1688, his wife, Hannah is mentioned and his daughter, Hannah Tooker. She and
her sister Ruth were daughters by the first marriage."

"Daniel Smith (Richard), born probably in 1656, died in 1721, married (1) Ruth, daughter of
John Tooker, of Southold. Her sister Hannah married Daniel Smith's brother, Richard Smith.
Daniel Smith married (2) Mary Holton...The will of Daniel Smith, dated 19 Nov 1719, proved
in New York 16 May 1721, mentions wife Mary..."

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"SMITH, Daniel (1656-1713l) & 1/wf Ruth [TOOKER]/[TOSKIN]?; by 1690"

[3413] [S227] The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island. Ten Generations

  • PAGE: pp. 43-45

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