Richard SMITH


16 Apr 1696 - 1766

  • BIRTH: 16 Apr 1696, Smithtown, Suffolk, Long Island, NY
  • DEATH: 1766, Smithtown, Suffolk, Long Island, NY
Father: Richard SMITH
Mother: Hannah TOOKER

Family 1 : Sarah SEARS
  • MARRIAGE: BEF 1729

Family 2 : Martha HOWELL
  • MARRIAGE: 7 Sep 1730

                  _Richard SMITH ________|
                 |                       |__
 _Richard SMITH _|
|                |                        __
|                |_Sarah HAMMOND ________|
|                                        |__
|--Richard SMITH 
|                                         __
|                 _John (Tucker) TOOKER _|
|                |                       |__
|_Hannah TOOKER _|
                 |                        __
                 |_Sarah ________________|

[3392] Martha Howell (wife of Richard Smith) is the great-granddaughter
of immigrant Edward Howell.

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Richard Smith (Richard, Richard), b. 16 Apr 1696, died 1766, married (1) Sarah Sears, who
died 4 Jne 1729, aged 31 years, daughter of Richard and Bashua (Harlow) Sears. He married
(2) 7 Sep 1730, Martha Howell. The old birth record reads - "Richard Smith son of Richard
Smith was borne ye 16 Day of April about ten o'clock att night in the yeare of our Lord 1696."
By his father's will he was left Moriches Neck, on the south shore, where he was living at
the date of the will (1718), with a part of Moriches Island, and also lands in Smithtown. He
sold the Moriches land to his brother Nathaniel and probably took his father's homestead
and Smithtown lands in exchange, as he afterward made his home in Smithtown."

"Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island, N.Y."
Transcribed by William S. Pelletreau
Huntington, N.Y.: Long-Islander Print, 1898, 569 pgs.
(Includes wills, deeds and other documentation of the "Bull Smiths"; p471 includes the
"Descendants of Richard Smith, 3d")

Cornell Library New York State Historical Literature Collection
"Abstract of Wills on File in the Surrogate's Office,
City of New York (Volume VII. June 6, 1766-Nov. 29, 1771)"
(An included note reads: "Richard Smith was the son of Richard Smith, and grandson of the
Patentee of Smithtown, LI. He was born April 16, 1696. He married first Anna Sears, second
Martha Howell...His homestead was on the north side of the street at Nissequogue.")

"Descendants of Edward Howell (1584-1655) of Westbury Manor, Marsh Gibbon,
Buckinghamshire, [England], and Southampton, Long Island, New York"
Emma Ross Howell; Second Edition by Dr. David Faris, 1985.
"MARTHA HOWELL, daughter of Elisha & Damaris (Sayre) Howell, was born in
1699. She was married for the first time on 7 Sep 1730 to RICHARD SMITH, son of
Richard & Hannah (Tooker) Smith. He was born on 16 Apr 1696, and had been
previously married to Sarah Sears, daughter of Richard & Bashua (Harlow) Sears
(She died aged 31 years on 4 Jun 1729). The will of her father, Elisha Howell,
husbandman, of Southampton, dated 14 Jun 1748, devised five pounds to 'my
daughter Martha Smith' (CNYHS 28:313). Richard Smith died in 1766. Martha
(Howell) Smith was married for the second time to JOSEPH PIERSON. He was born
in 1694. She died on 8 Sep 1773. He died on 6 Nov 1776."

[3393] Smith line from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by Evelyn Beran [].

[3394] [S227] The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island. Ten Generations

  • PAGE: pp. 62-63

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