Michael DODGE

____ - ____

  • DEATH: East Coker, Somerset, England
Father: John DODGE
Mother: Margery

              |  |__
 _John DODGE _|
|             |   __
|             |__|
|                |__
|--Michael DODGE 
|                 __
|              __|
|             |  |__
|_Margery ____|
              |   __

[5074] "The Dodge Family of Essex County, Mass."
Joseph Thompson Dodge
NEHGR v46 p383 (Oct 1892)
"Michael lived and died in East Coker, Somerset Co., England; was church
warden in 1670 in East Coker."
"Richard died in Beverly 15th June, 1671, leaving a will,by which it appears
he left a brother Michael in England, and that Michael was to pay him 4 per
annum for land which Richard either owned or had an interest in. "

"Genealogy of the Dodge Family of Essex County, Massachusetts"
Joseph Thompson Dodge
Madison, WI, 1894
(The book form of the above NEHGR article. What little is kown of Michael is
treated just as briefly as above on page 13.)

"Lovett Genealogy"
Hall, Frank Nelson
Denton, TX; 1965
[Apparently quoting from Dodge's "Genealogy of the Dodge Family" and Lapham's
"The Old Planters of Beverly"]
"Michael remained in England. but his son, William, called "Coker"
in allusion to his English home town, came over to Salem also."

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