Deliverance SMITH

ABT 1667 - 30 Aug 1729

  • BIRTH: ABT 1667
  • DEATH: 30 Aug 1729
Father: John SMITH
Mother: Ruhamah KIRBY

Family 1 : Mary TRIPP
  • MARRIAGE: ABT 1692, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA
  1.  George SMITH

                 |                |__
 _John SMITH ____|
|                |                 __
|                |________________|
|                                 |__
|--Deliverance SMITH 
|                                  __
|                 _Richard KIRBY _|
|                |                |__
|_Ruhamah KIRBY _|
                 |                 __
                 |_Jane __________|

[3792] Birthdate is estimated from date of marriage; proper maternity is unclear.
Deliverance and Mary had 10 children.

"Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records 1687-1745"
H.L. Peter Rounds, in:
Massachusetts Town, Probate and Vital Records CD-ROM
Broderbund, 1999, Vol. 1, p. 5
"Will of JOHN SMITH...Six sons: Judah, Gershom, Eliazer,
Heaekiah. Deliverance Smith & one son not named. Daus.
Hassadiah wife of Jonathan Russell, Mehitabel wife of John
Russell, Hannah Smith, Sarah Smith & Deborah Smith.
Grchldn.: James son of my son Eliazer Smith, James Russell
son of Jonathan Russell & Mical son of my son Hezekiah Smith."

"The Kirbys of New England",
Melatiah Everett Dwight,
The Trow Print, New York, 1898, pp 229-238
"Deliverance Smith, b. ----; d. June 30, 1729; m. Mary ----. He was one of the selectmen of
Dartmouth in 1708, and was imprisoned in that year for refusing to collect the tax for the
maintenance of a "hireling minister." His widow, Mary, died Aug. 19, 1776 (?)."

Kirby & Smith Family Genealogies
Series 1: Biographical and Genealogical
"Howland-Kirby Family Papers", Catalog #RG 5/067;
Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College.
Swarthmore, Pennsylvania 19081-1399

"Certain Comeoverers"
Crapo, Henry Howland
New Bedford, Mass.: E. Anthony & Sons, 1912; p168
"The date of the birth of Deliverance Smith is not known. It must have
heen subsequent to 1659, in which year Deborah Howland, the first wife
of John Smith, was living in Plymouth. Deliverance appears to have been
the first child of John Smith's second marriage to Ruhamah Kirby of
Sandwich. He died August 30,1729, being probably about seventy years of age."

"Genealogy of the Cornell Family"
Cornell, John
Press of T.A. Wright, New York, 1902; p394
"Deliverance, d. June 30, 1729; m. Mary, daughter of Peleg, John Tripp, the latter of Portsmouth, R. I."

"New England Marriages Prior To 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey,
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"SMITH, Deliverance (-1729) & Mary [TRIPP]; by 1692; Dartmouth"

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