Temperance TOPPING


ABT 1658 - ____

  • BIRTH: ABT 1658, Southampton, Suffolk, Long Island, NY
Father: John TOPPING
Mother: Sarah WHITE

Family 1 : Richard WOODHULL
  • MARRIAGE: 20 Nov 1684, Southampton, Suffolk, Long Island, NY
  1.  Richard WOODHULL
  2. +Nathaniel WOODHULL
  3.  Josiah WOODHULL
  4.  John WOODHULL
  5.  Dorothy WOODHULL
  6.  Temperance WOODHULL

                 _Thomas TOPPING _|
                |                 |________________
 _John TOPPING _|
|               |                  ________________
|               |_Emma ALDRIDGE __|
|                                 |________________
|--Temperance TOPPING 
|                                  ________________
|                _John WHITE _____|
|               |                 |________________
|_Sarah WHITE __|
                |                  _John COOPER ___
                |_Anne COOPER ____|
                                  |_Wibroe GRIGGS _

[3042] "Corrections of the Woodhull Genealogy"
Donald Lines Jacobus
TAG v13p77 (Oct 1936)
Jacobus makes a strong case here that Temperance Topping, and not
Temperance Fordham, must be the correct wife of this Richard Woodhull.

Southampton Town Records - Marriages
from "The Early History of Southampton, L.I., New York"
George Rogers Howell, Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1887
"Richard WOODHULL of Brookhaven married Temperance TOPPING, November 20, 1684"

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"WOODHULL, Richard (1649-1699) & Temperance TOPPING; 20 Nov 1684; Southampton, LI"

"American Marriage Records Before 1699"
Clemens, William Montgomery
Pompton Lakes, NJ: Biblio Co., 1926.
"Richard WOODHULL; Temperance Topping; 20 November 1684; Southampton, N.Y."

"Woodhull Genealogy: The Woodhull Family in England and America",
Mary Gould Woodhull and Frances Bowes Stevens,
Henry T. Coates & Co., Philadelphia, PA, 1904
"Temperance Fordham. who married Richard Wodhull II., was a daughter of
the Rev. Jonah Fordham, granddaughter of the Rev. Robert Fordham, and
sister of the Rev. Josiah Fordham. There is a question whether or not
Temperance did not first many a Topping. In Southampton Records, p. 262,
occurs the following: 'Richard Wodhull of Brookhaven was marryed with
Temperance Topping of Southampton upon ye 20 of Nov. 1684.'"

"Descendants of Edward Howell (1584-1655) of Westbury Manor, Marsh Gibbon,
Buckinghamshire, [England], and Southampton, Long Island, New York"
Emma Ross Howell; Second Edition by Dr. David Faris, 1985.

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