1604 - 1682

  • BIRTH: 1604, Aller, Somerset, England [1079]
  • EMIGRATION: 1632, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
  • DEATH: 1682, England [1080]
Father: Ralph CUDWORTH
Mother: Mary MACHELL

Family 1 : Mary PARKER
  1.  James CUDWORTH
  2. +Mary CUDWORTH
  3.  Jonathan CUDWORTH
  4.  Israel CUDWORTH
  5.  Joanna CUDWORTH
  6.  Jonathan CUDWORTH

                                     _Rauf CUDWORTH _+
                   _Rauf CUDWORTH __|
                  |                 |_Agnes LEES ____+
 _Ralph CUDWORTH _|
|                 |                  _Arthur ASHTON _
|                 |_Jane ASHTON ____|
|                                   |________________
|--James CUDWORTH 
|                                    ________________
|                  _John MACHELL ___|
|                 |                 |________________
|_Mary MACHELL ___|
                  |                  ________________
                  |_Jane WOODROOFE _|

[1081] "The Scott Genealogy"
Mary Lovering Holman
Boston, MA; 1919; pp259-262
"James, b. probably before 1606 and in Cambridge, came to New England."

"Records of the Cudworth Family"
W. John Calder; 1941.
"James Cudworth was an educated man of an educated family of country gentlemen, who lived
by farming, intersperced with sheep raising, and the sale of wool to English, and Flemish
weavers of cloth. James had a clear understanding of business methods, knew a little law,
and probably had more or less to do with colonizing the new country in America, in
connection with Timothy Hatherley, who we think, but cannot prove, was an acting agent of
the Earl of Warrick, a long time friend of the Cudworths, amd landlord of the Stoughtons
of Coggshall. James came to New England in the ship "Charles" in company with Timothy
Hatherley, and they landed in Salem. He made a connection with Israel and Thomas Stoughton
who had arrived in the Winthrop expedition of 1630, and had settled in what is now
Dorchester, MA. He seems to have kept up his association with Timothy Hatherley, and
probably had something to do with the placing of colonists in appropriate settlements in
and around Boston and Plymouth. He probably met and married his wife in the vicinity of
Boston rather than Plymouth. Our first knowledge of them is related to the setteling of
the village of Scituate, a promotion of Timothy Hatherley, in a former visit to New
England, in 1628, when eight families of settlers were established there. James Cudworth
and his wife, newly married, became the nineth, and with money borowed in part from Isael
Stoughton, bought his lot of land, and built his home there. That was probably in the
winter and spring of 1634, and his letter to Rev. John Stoughton of Aldermanbury, England
who was his stepfather, is our first indication of his new venture."

"A Little Commonwealth, Family Life in Plymouth Colony"
John Demos
Oxford University Press; 1970.
p175: "After having served for more than two decades as an Assistant, Cudworth in 1680
acepted a mission to England, to plead for the Colony in the delicate political
negotiations then in progress. He was at the time 76 years old. He survived the long ocean
voyage without difficulty, only to contact smallpox and die within days of his arrival."

"Cudworth and Stoughton"
John Ward Dean
NEHGR v21, p249-250 (Jul 1867)
"It is evident from the letter written by James Cudworth, of Scituate, N. E., in December,
1634, to Rev. John Stoughton, D.D., Rector of Aldermanbury, London, which letter is
printed in the Register, vol. xiv. p. 101, that the former was a son of Rev. Ralph
Cudworth of Aller, aud consequently a brother of the author of the "Intellectual System"."

"A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England"
James Savage
Pub. Boston, 1860-1862
Repub. Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD, 1998
v1 pp481-482: "Cudworth, James, Scituate 1634, by Deane is suppos. to have come in the
Charles with Hatherly 1632, a very valua. man, join. the ch. 18 Jan. 1635, with his w. wh.
bore him James, bapt. 3 May 1635, under his own roof, prob. the place where the congr.
then worship.; Mary, 23 July 1637; Jonathan, 16 Sept. 1638, d. in few days; Israel, 18
Apr. 1641; Joanna, 26 Mar. 1643; beside a s. bur. very young, 24 June 1644; and others,
certain. Hannah, and ano. Jonathan, of wh. we find not the bapt. rep. 1649-56, and again
in 1659, when for his tenderness to the Quakers he was reject.; an Assist. 1656-8, capt. of
the militia, and in the early part of Philip's war comm. of the whole force of Plymouth
col. in 1681 dep.-gov. d. 1682. He was in London, as Col. agent, here he d. of smallpox
soon aft. arr. and he had serv. as Commiss. of the Un. Col. in 1657. Baylies, 1. 280. IV.
13-15. Mary m. 1660, Robert Whitcomb of Scituate. He had tak. w. in Eng. a d. of Rev. Dr.
Stoughton, as is infer. from a let. in Geneal. Reg. XIV. 101, and rem. with Lothrop to
Barnstable, but aft. few yrs. went back to S. In his will, early in 1682, he gives to
James, Israel, Jonathan, and ds. Hannah Jones, and four ch. of d. Mary Whitcomb."

"Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume II, C-F"
Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn, Jr., and Melinde Lutz Sanborn
Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2001.
"Birth: Baptized Aller, Somersetshire, 2 August 1612, son of Ralph Cudworth, Rector of Aller.
Death: London in late 1681.
Marriage: Northam, Devonshire, 1 February 1633/4 Mary Parker... She died before 15 September
1681, as she is not named in her husband's will."
(The Comments section for this entry gives a circumstantial argument for Mary Parker being
the wife of James Cudworth. I'm not entirely convinced.)

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"CUDWORTH, James (-1682, London) (cousin of Rev. Zechariah SYMMES) & _____ (wid Martha's
dau called Mary WILDER in 1638, Mary WILDER m Joseph UNDERWOOD); by 18 Jan 1634, 1634/5;
Scituate (see Austin's Dict. 208)"

[1079] [S60] Records of the Cudworth Family; W. John Calder; 1941; p. 22

[1080] [S61] A Little Commonwealth, Family Life in Plymouth Colony; John Demos; 1970; p. 175

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