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Take a Virtual Tour of the Lab!
Cryebis Take a virtual tour of the James R. Macdonald Laboratory! Click on the image at left and explore the Tandem, Linac, CRYEBIS or any other part of the lab. Panoramic imagery and descriptive text are hyperlinked together to provide a fun and educational visit to the lab from the wherever you are.

Shown at left is a still image from the tour showing the CRYEBIS on its high-voltage platform and its associated electronics.

The panoramic images require installing the iMove (formerly SmoothMove) plug-in. Unfortunately iMove, having been supplanted by QuickTime VR, is no longer supported. The desktop viewer program works, but the plug-ins do not work in the latest web browsers.

Take a Real-Life Tour of the Lab!
We are happy to give guided tours of the Macdonald Laboratory to interested parties. Tours of the lab last approximately one hour and require walking and standing most of that time. The lab is wheelchair accessible with assistance from laboratory staff. Maximum group size is 20 persons and we prefer that children be of at least middle-school age. Tour requests should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the tour date if possible.

To request a tour, complete the form below and a Macdonald Laboratory staff member will contact you. If you have questions, please contact Charles Fehrenbach.

The items labeled in red are required information.

Contact person's name:
Telephone number:
Group affiliation
(Hillside 8th grade, etc.):
Group size:
E-Mail address:
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Preferred Tour Date & Time:
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Other Requests:

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