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August 2006

After the Needham Family Reunion on Sunday, 13 August 2006, I made my way to my father's place on the Lake of the Ozarks for a few days of rest and relaxation. These are a few photos of the landscape.

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I stayed with my brother Jim and his wife Debby over the weekend of the reunion.

We visited the Tonganoxie museum in the morning, then had a picnic in the park with good BBQ and good talk.

In the afternoon, we visited the original family homestead.

Then it was on to to the Lake of the Ozarks for rest and relaxation.

We made one boat trip southwards down the lake.

There are far too many big powerboats on this lake!

The first mate...and the skipper, too!


The mushroom house.


The Tan-Tar-A resort.

It's hard to take pictures from a pitching deck!

The bluffs around the Linn Creek Bend.

Dinner was at "The Fish & Company", right on the water.



Back home again, entering the cove off Turkey Bend.



The house from the water...

...and the boat put away for the night. The chop from wakes makes boat lifts a good idea.

Our next excursion took us north up the lake.

Condos and ridiculously large vacation homes are nearly everywhere.


The Grand Glaize bridge.




Further up the Grand Glaize arm there's actually some reasonably undeveloped shoreline.




Lunch was at "Buck's", where you can get a really-bad-for-you bacon double cheeseburger!

Butterflies were just beginning to migrate. This one lit in the garden just as we returned home.


Some features from the lake side of the house.



Martins really do live here! Dad's trying to attract bluebirds, too.


The grounds remain lush despite the summer's heat and drought.

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