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Summer 2006

In an earlier gallery called New Construction In Manhattan I surveyed some projects around town in the Spring of 2006. In this gallery, I revist those sites along my bike route between work and home, about three months later. The bike is essential, since there's so much road work going on you literally "can't get there from here" in a car!

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.53 MB in size.


Claflin and Denison
The intersection of Claflin and Denison, which is getting more turn lanes.
That required moving a lot of utility poles first. It also seems to have scared
away the field mice who were living near the campus building sign in the foreground.

This is but one of many street projects in Manhattan.

Detail from the previous picture. This summer was a scorcher!

Looking north up Denison.

A little further up Denison, with part of the Jardine remodeling at left.

A closer look at one of the new Jardine buildings.

Still farther north along Denison, getting down and dirty.

Looking back into the Jardine project.

A wider view of Jardine and Denison from the lawn in front of the Vet school.

Cool-looking elliptical cross-section drainage pipes.

Dirt-biking along Denison.

The new Vet Med biosecurity building.

The entrance to the new building.

Looking back at the building.

The view south along Denison, from the corner at Kimball (the way we just came).

The new mill facility at the Grain Research Center, north of Kimball and the stadium.

The Borg cube, as I affectionately refer to it, has sprouted mechanisms on top.

A wider view reveals all the construction gear associated with the project, to the right.

The football stadium is getting a bigger clubhouse...

...and several new Jumbotron scoreboards.

Across Kimball, there's a new condo project going up.

A close-up of the condos.

Jardine is being remade one section at a time.

The work on each section is proceeding in parallel...

...and can be watched on the live webcam.
Future Home of Lowes?
Not construction, just a nice panorama of one of Manhattan's several
scenic drainage retention ponds. Art meets engineering.
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