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Spring 2006

There's a great deal of change afoot in Manhattan this year, both on-campus and off. Here's a sampling of just some of the many construction projects happening around town.

There's now a sequel: More Construction in Manhattan - Summer 2006.

Each thumbnail below links to a much larger image of about 1.27 MB in size.


Art Gallery Expansion
Expansion of the Beach Museum of Art.

A view of the art museum from the north...

...and from the south.

Holtz Hall is getting a new roof.

The Aggieville and North Manhattan area has been rezoned for higher density housing...

...leading to the construction of multi-story apartment buildings like this, here seen from Anderson Hall.

After many years and many proposals, Jardine is finally being transformed. Check out their fancy live webcam.

The starkeness of the initial groundwork belies the ambitious plans for the renovation.

Across the street, the Vet Med school is approaching the completion of the new biosecurity research institute building.

Another view of the Vet Med expansion.


The Borg have not landed! The cube is the latest addition to the Grain Research complex north of the sports complex.

Business has discovered the booming growth between Manhattan and Wamego. Here, a bank is going up.

The Highway 24 corridor will continue to blossom, as there appears to be a Lowes going in there. See the panorama below.

This new box-box store is going in between the eastside Dillons and K-Mart.



In the first stage of Manhattan's downtown redevelopment, the old Pipe & Steel facility has been bulldozed. These views are from Bluemont Hill...

...while this is a worm's-eye view of the dirtwork, rather late in the evening.
Future Home of Lowes?
The probable future home of Lowes, east of town on US24.
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