Francis BRYAN

1630 - 1693

Father: William Smith BRYAN
Mother: Catherine MORGAN

Family 1 : Sarah BRINKER
  1. +Morgan BRYAN
  2.  William BRYAN

                       |  |__
 _William Smith BRYAN _|
|                      |   __
|                      |__|
|                         |__
|--Francis BRYAN 
|                          __
|                       __|
|                      |  |__
|_Catherine MORGAN ____|
                       |   __

[638] "The Shearer-Akers Family Combined with the Bryan Line"
James William Shearer
Somerville, NJ, 1915
p11: "Francis (?) Bryan, m. -----. Returned to Ireland in 1677 to recover his hereditary
titles and estates, but was so persecuted by the English government that he sought refuge
in Denmark.
1) Morgan 2nd, b. 1687, m. about 1719, Martha Strode. Chester Co., Pa. Later to present
Frederick co,. Va.
2) William 1st, b. 1685, m, Margaret -----. "

[Broderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979]
Francis Bryan III was born in 1630. Most researchers indicate that he was born in Gloucester, Virginia, but his appears to be in error since both of his parents lived in Ireland until 1650. Francis III no doubt saw the new world for the first time at about age 20 when the Bryan family was exiled to the Virginia Colony.

We know nothing about the life of Francis in Virginia, but with the end of the Commonwealth and the reestablishment of the Monarchy under Charles II in 1660, he no doubt felt that it was safe to return to Ireland. Thus, in 1667 after 17 years in Virginia, he left for Ireland with the intent of reclaiming his father's estates. He was 37 years old at this time which gives rise to the possibility that he couldhave been married a first time in Virginia.

The presence of Francis III in Ireland was anything but welcomed by English officials, and in particular by those now in possession of his father's lands. He was so threatened that he fled to Denmark, which had become a haven for persecuted protestants whose cause had been championed by the Duth Prince of Orange. Francis III soon married Sarah Brinker, a cousin of the Prince of Orange, and their first son, Morgan Bryan, was born in Denmark. He was finally permitted to return to Ireland in 1683.

Here a little background history will help to understand the future movements of Francis and his family. The Dutch Prince William of Orange married Princess Mary, daughter of King James II of England and though her father was Roman Catholic, she embraced the Protestant cause. The three year rein of James II was one of turmoil and William of Orange and Mary were invited by the protestant controlled Parliament to assume the Throne. One 5 November 1688 William landed at Brixham, Devon, with a sizable army and quickly advanced to London and took the Throne on Christmas Day, and forced James II into exile in France. They officially became King William III and Queen Mary II in February 1689. The deposed King James II did not accept his fate and with the help of the Franch managed to raise a Catholic Irish army. King William's army met the forces of James Ii at the Boyne River about 25 miles north of Dublin and here took place the historic "Battle of the Boyne" on 11 July 1690 where the forces of James II were soundly defeated. Francis Bryan III was a standard bearer to King William in that battle.

Francis died in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1694, the Country of his birth, and spent much of his adult life fighting to restore his lost heritage. A descendant of the leading families of both England and Ireland, he began his life as a defendant of the Roman Catholic Church and ended as a staunch Protestant. He had lived 31 years in Ireland, 17 years in Virginia, and 15 years in Denmark.

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