Hannah BLOOD

ABT Mar 1664 - ____

  • BIRTH: ABT Mar 1664, Lynn, Essex, MA
Father: Richard BLOOD
Mother: Isabel WILKINSON

                                        _James BLOOD ___________
                     _James BLOOD _____|
                    |                  |_ UNKNOWN ______________
 _Richard BLOOD ____|
|                   |                   _Richard HARRISON ______
|                   |_Ellen HARRISON __|
|                                      |_Elizabeth UNKNOWN _____
|--Hannah BLOOD 
|                                       _Christopher WILKINSON _
|                    _Henry WILKINSON _|
|                   |                  |_Joanna UNKNOWN ________
|_Isabel WILKINSON _|
                    |                   _Jacob WATKINSON _______
                    |_Mary WATKINSON __|
                                       |_Alice MOONE ___________+

[2075] Blood and associated lines from a GEDCOM posted at RootsWeb by Adam Rollins [shadenalune@aol.com].

"Sex in Middlesex: Popular Mores in a Massachusetts County, 1649-1699"
Roger Thompson
University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, 1986
(Thompson quotes extensively from the original court order books.)
p25: "Some suspects were alleged to have concealed an abortion or a birth. The Bloods were a
leading but somewhat disreputable family of Groton. The father, Richard Blood (a selectman, large
landowner, and Indian trader), had several convictions from the 1660s to the 1680s for illicitly selling
liquor to Indians; his daughter-in-law Abigail, widowed in the Indian raid of 1692, fled to Andover in 1695
"to lay down her illegitimate burden." In October 1678 four leading townsmen alleged that in the preceding
April they had seen Richard's daughter Hannah looking "big like a woman with child ... a little before the
morneing preceding the loss of her great belly she was as big as a woman ready to ly in.' 'Some of Bloods
family left their usuall lodging that night & lay in an empty house not far from there.' A note adds: "Mr. [Henry]
Willard can informe of her using savin [abortifacient] the last summer.' Hannah herself had responded to
rumors of her pregnancy with "she did not know but that she might." After the alleged delivery, she disappeared
as did any offspring. The Bloods denied all knowledge of the affair."

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