Elizabeth SMITH

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ABT 1643 - BEF 23 Jan 1712

  • BIRTH: ABT 1643
  • DEATH: BEF 23 Jan 1712, Elizabethtown, Essex, NJ
Father: Richard SMITH
Mother: Sarah HAMMOND

Family 1 : William LAWRENCE
Family 2 : Philip CARTERET
  • MARRIAGE: 26 Mar 1681 [5908]

Family 3 : Richard TOWNLEY
  • MARRIAGE: 1685, NJ

                 |  |__
 _Richard SMITH _|
|                |   __
|                |__|
|                   |__
|--Elizabeth SMITH 
|                    __
|                 __|
|                |  |__
|_Sarah HAMMOND _|
                 |   __

[3362] On 10 March 1681 Elizabeth Lawrence, widow of William, was made guardian of her seven children -- Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Richard, Samuel, Sarah and James. "Whereas William Lawrence late of Flushing deceased, hath left a considerable estate and seven young children that is to say Mary, Thomas, Joseph, Richard, Samuel, Sarah and James whose proportion and share of their said Father's estate according to Law amounts to each of them Two hundred Eighty Eight Pounds sixteen shillings one penny half penny the whole being Two thousand twenty one pounds twelve shillings four pence half penny which is and remains in the hands and possession of Elizabeth the widow and administratrix of the said William and mother to the said Children who desiring in Countil to be admitted their guardian, These are to certify that said Elizabeth Lawrence is by advice of the Countil Admitted and allowed off to be guardian for the said seven children, and to have possession and enjoy their said portions giving sufficient security to satisfy and pay the same to them and each of them when they shall attain the age of twenty one years or be married. Given under my hand and seal in New York this 10th day of March in the 33d year of his Maj.es Reign."
On 30 March 1681 the record shows (entered at the desire of Mr. Richard Smith) "These presents Wittnes that whereas there is a purpose of joining in Marriage with Capt. Philip Carteret of New Jersey itt is joyntly and Fully agreed between him and the aforesaid and me Elizabeth Lawrence late wife of -- Capt. William Lawrence of Flushing deceased -- that I the aforesaid Elizabeth doe reserve liberty to give and dispose of all my right of land and meadow or housing within the Neck called Tews Neck unto any of my sons whom I shall see good and that no engagement whatever shall impead this agreement. Elizabeth Lawrence. Witness: Richard Smith; Sarah U Smith (mark); Abigail Nicolls."

"The Family of Richard Smith of Smithtown, Long Island"
Frederick Kinsman Smith
Smithtown Historical Society, Smithtown, NY, 1967
"Elizabeth Smith (Richard), b. probably in 1643, died in July 1712, m. (lic. 4 Mch 1664)
Captain William Lawrence, of Flushing, L.I., as second wife. They had seven children. He
died in 1680, and she m. (2-lic. 26 Mch 1681) Governor Philip Carteret of Elizabethtown,
New Jersey, b. 1639, son of Helier Carteret, Attorney General of the Isle of Jersey, and
his wife Rachel...Captain Philip Carteret was appointed Governor of the Province and came
from England in 1665. He served in that office until the change in proprietorship of the
Province led to his retirement, only four weeks previous to his death, which occurred in
December, 1682."

"Captain William Lawrence, the first husband of Elizabeth Smith, was one of the patentees
of Flushing, in 1645. He was the owner of Tew's Neck and lived there. He was bap. at Great
St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, England, 27 Jly 1622, son of Thomas and Joan (Antrobus) Lawrence.
His father died 20 Mch 1624/5, and his mother m. (2) John Tuttell, who came to this country
with his wife and most of the children, including William Lawrence, then in his thirteenth
year, in the spring of 1635, in the Planter...William Lawrence married twice and had by his
first wife three children, Elizabeth, William, and John."

"Elizabeth (Smith-Lawrence) Carteret m. (3) 1685, Colonel Richard Townley, eighth son of
Nicholas and Joanne (White) Townley, of Littleton, County Middlesex, England. Joanna White
was the eldest daughter and co-heir of William White, of Northiam, County Sussex. Colonel
Townley came over in the suite of Lord Howard of Effingham, Governor of Virginia, in 1684,
and soon afterward settled in Elizabethtown. He had been previously married and had at least
one daughter, Sarah, wife of John Shackmaple, of New London, Conn., who was collector,
surveyor, and searcher for that Colony."

"Records of the Town of Smithtown, Long Island, N.Y."
Transcribed by William S. Pelletreau
Huntington, N.Y.: Long-Islander Print, 1898, 569 pgs.
(Includes wills, deeds and other documentation of the "Bull Smiths"; p480 includes the
"Descendants of Elizabeth Smith, Daughter of Richard Smith, the Patentee")

"New England Marriages Before 1700"
Clarence A. Torrey, Baltimore, MD, 1985
(as found on NEHGS CD-ROM, Boston, 2001)
"LAWRENCE, William (1623-1680) & 2/wf Elizabeth SMITH, m/2 Philip CARTERET 1681?,
m/3 Richard TOWNSLEY; m lic 4 Mar 1664/5; ?Smithtown, LI/Flushing, LI"
"CARTERET, Philip & Elizabeth (SMITH) LAWRENCE, w William, m/3 Richard TOWNLEY,
Elizabeth, NJ; Apr 1681, aft 1680, aft 30 Mar 1681"
w William, w Philip; aft 1682, by 1691, ca 1685; NJ"

"Names of Persons for whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued
by the Secretary of the Province of New York Previous to 1784"
E. B. O'Callaghan; Albany, NY, 1860
"1664. Mar. 4. Smith, Elizabeth, and William Laurence"
It appears that Elizabeth Smith's sister Deborah married this William Lawrence's son William (by a first wife).

[3363] Smith line from a GEDCOM file posted to RootsWeb by Evelyn Beran [evelyn.beran@charter.net].

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[5906] [S241] American Marriage Records Before 1699

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    Lawrence, William and Elizabeth Smith, 4 March 1664, Smithtown, L. I., N.Y

[5907] [S242] New England Marriages Prior to 1700

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  • DATA:

    William Lawrence (1623-1680) & 2/wf Elizabeth Smith, m/2 Philip Carteret 1681?, m/3 Richard Townsley; m lic 4 Mar 1664/5; ?Smithtown, LI?Flushing, LI

[5908] [S242] New England Marriages Prior to 1700

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  • DATA:

    Philip Carteret & Elizabeth (Smith) Lawrence, w William, m/3 Richard Townley, Elizabeth, NJ; Apr 1681, aft 1680, aft 30 Mar 1681

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