Visitors to the Lab

The JRM Lab welcomes our visiting colleagues from around the world.
Many of our guests will be delivering seminars or colloquia.
Our visitors may wish to visit these useful travel related sites.

Fall 2002
Name Organization
  Takaaki Awata Naruto, Japan 
  Wilhelm Becker Max-Born-Institute
  Tim Bolton KSU HEP
  Alan Chin UltraPhotonics
  Jason Jones JILA
  Henry Kapteyn JILA
  Kristen Kitten KSU HEP
  Robert Komara Colorado State University
  Serge Korjenevski  KSU HEP
  Neal Lane Rice
  Tom Loftus JILA
  Stephen Lundeen Colorado State University
  Margaret Murnane JILA
  Theo Zouros University of Crete
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