Visitors to the Lab

The JRM Lab welcomes our visiting colleagues from around the world.
Many of our guests will be delivering seminars or colloquia.
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Spring/Summer 2002
Name Organization
Matthew Horne California Polytechnic Institute
Alix Preston Colorado School of Mines
Michael Litos Michigan State University
Jinyuan Liu  Argonne National Lab
Jacl Maseberg  Fort Hayes State University
Sabbir Hossain  Western Michigan University
Osama Abuhaija  Western Michigan University
Andrew MacPhee  University of California, Berkeley
Ottmar Jagutzki  University of Frankfurt
William Sturrus  Youngstown State University
Robert Vacha  Charles University, Czechoslovakia
Tom Gorczyca Western Michigan University
Mark Gealy Concordia College
Jin Yuan Liu Argonne National Laboratory
Stephen Lundeen Colorado State University
Robert Kamara Colorado State University
John Tanis Western Michigan University
Allen Landers  Western Michigan University
Ali Alnaser  Western Michigan University
Lutz Huwel  Wesleyan University
Chunlei Guo Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paul Corkum National Research Council, Canada
Gerard Mourou  University of Michigan
Alex V. Hamza Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Klaus Bartschat  Drake University
Jan Chaloupka  Brookhaven National Lab
Eric Wells  University of Virginia
Herman Batelaan University of Nebraska
Dan Odero St Francis Hospital, Topeka, Ks
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