Visitors to the Lab

The JRM Lab welcomes our visiting colleagues from around the world.
Many of our guests will be delivering seminars or colloquia.
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Fall 2000
Arrival Date Departure Date Name Organization
08/02/00 10/07/00 Christian Simm Dresden Technical - Germany
08/02/00 10/07/00 Mike Schmidt Dresden Technical - Germany
08/06/00 09/03/00 Harald Braeuning Justus-Liebig - Germany
09/13/00 10/02/00 Tsuguhisu Sekioka Himeji Institute - Japan
09/21/00 10/02/00 Mititaka Terasawa Himeji Institute - Japan
10/17/00 11/01/00 J. Krasa Academy of Science - Czech Republic
10/17/00 11/01/00 L. Laska Academy of Science - Czech Republic
10/27/00 10/31/00 Theo Zouros University of Crete
12/11/00 12/17/00 John Tanis Western Michigan
12/13/00 12/22/00 Allen Landers Western Michigan
12/13/00 12/22/00 Ali Al-Naser Western Michigan
12/13/00 12/22/00 Eric Wells Virginia
12/29/00 01/02/01 Hossein Sadeghpour ITAMP
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