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Atomic Physics Seminars are usually at 1330 hrs on Wednesdays in Cardwell 119.
Departmental Colloquia are usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 1630 hrs.
Nuts & Bolts is held in CW119 at 1330 hrs on Mondays.
The atomic physics seminar series is managed by Igor Litvinyuk.
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Spring 2005
Date Speaker Topic
19 January Shambhu Ghimire
High energy 6.2 fs pulses for attosecond pulse generation.
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (2.5 MB).
26 January Hai Nguyen
BEC on chip: towards Josephson oscillations
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (40 MB).
02 February Vincent Needham
Everything you ever wanted to know about wireless networking and remote computing access.
09 February Shu Chun (Amy) Cheng
Electron capture cross sections for C6+ + H collisions at low energies
16 February Boyan Obreshkov
Width of the energy levels of antiprotonic helium atom
23 February Marlene Wickenhauser
Vienna Technological
Time-resolved autoionization using attosecond pulses
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (6.8 MB).
02 March Muhammad Faheem
Portable, robust optical frequency standard in hollow optical fiber
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (4.4 MB).
09 March Remigio Trujillo
Study of the formation of protonium for slow collisions within the electron-nuclear dynamics approach
16 March Mikhail Zamkov
Ultrafast electron dynamics in carbon nanotubes
20-28 March Spring Break
30 March Jose D'Incao
Three-body collisions in ultracold quantum gases
Available in Acrobat format (585 kB).
31 March
Thu, 1630
Shuhei Yoshida
Vienna Technological
Tailoring and controlling wavepackets by a train of half cycle pulses
06 April Matt Leonard
Bond rearrangement following multiple ionization of water molecules
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (1.3 MB).
13 April Chakra Maharjan
COLTRIMS studies of correlation in the sequential release of two electrons from the atomic target by short laser pulses
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (6.8 MB).
20 April Predrag Ranitovic
Diagnosis of a high harmonic beam using COLTRIMS
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (3.0 MB).
27 April Anh Thu Le
Signature of chaos in two-electron atoms
28 April
Thu, 0900
Zengxiu Zhao
PhD Defense: Atomic and molecular dynamics in ultrashort and intense laser fields
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (1 MB).
02 May
Mon, 0930
Charles Clark
Ugo Fano, Enrico Fermi, and spectral line shape
04 May Thomas Niederhausen
Laser-assisted collisions
28 April
Fri, 1330
How Camp
PhD Defense: Measurements of the time evolution of coherent excitation
Available as HTML or PowerPoint (28 MB).
Summer 2005
16 June Sotir Chervenkov
Technical Univ - Munich
An insight into the microworld: structure and dynamics of isolated molecules and clusters by laser spectroscopy techniques
20 June
Mon, 1030
Zhangjin Chen
Missouri - Rolla
Second-order distorted wave calculations for electron impact ionization of hydrogen and helium
01 July
Fri, 1330
Nora Johnson
Measurement of alignment dependence in single ionization of hydrogen molecules by fast protons
01 July
Fri, 1330
Mat Leonard
Isotopic dependence of bond rearrangement in the sudden single and multiple ionization of water molecules
08 July
Fri, 1330
Steve Gilbertson
High harmonic generation and attosecond pulses
15 July
Fri, 1330
Eli Parke
Molecular dissociation imaging of Ar11+ + CO collisions
21 July
Thu, 1000
Yindong Zheng
North Texas
Momentum Diffusion of the Kicked Rotor
29 July
Fri, 1330
Matt Wood
Fusion Splicing of Photonic Bandgap Fiber with Single Mode Fiber in a Vacuum

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