Space Exploration Merit Badge

Space Exploration Merit Badge
April 2000/2003/2005/2009

This presentation was created for counselling Scouts on the Space Exploration Merit Badge during Kansas State University's annual Advancement Day in April 2000. You may view it here on the Web or download the original PowerPoint 2000 source (an 12 MB file). A PowerPoint viewer is freely available from Microsoft. The average slide is about 120 kB and should load in about 35-40 seconds over a 28.8 kbps modem.

There are also several video clips available that go with the presentation.

For more, see my long list of useful links to many space and astronomy Web sites.

The latest, 2009 version, is available as a PowerPoint file (13.2 MB), an Acrobat (pdf) file (4.5 MB), or in an online web version. Please note that while the web versions ought to work in any browser, they will function best in Internet Explorer.

The 2005 version, reflecting requirements changes, is available as a PowerPoint file (10.7 MB) or in an online web version.

The 2003 PowerPoint program is also still available as a PowerPoint file (15.2 MB) or in an online web version.

Table of Contents - 2000 Show

Space Exploration Merit Badge

Summary of Course

Basic Rocketry


The Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Views

Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)

Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME)

External Tank (ET)


Russian Systems

SL-4/Soyuz Launcher

Soyuz & Progress

X-33: The Next Generation

RLV/X-33 Program

Shuttle Flight Profile

Shuttle Launch

Delta II Launch Cam

Inside the Shuttle

Flight Deck

Atlantis Avionics Upgrade



Io & Jupiter

Hubble's Greatest Hits

Hubble 10th Anniversary

Planetary Exploration

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous


ISS-02A.2a Flight Crew

STS-101 Overview

International Space Station


Mir 28 Crew

Station Assembly in 2000

More Station Assembly

Space Station Tour

At Home on the Station

STS-96 Discovery

TransHab (and Mars)

Re-entry & Approach


Pilot's Eye View

X-33/Venture Star

The Future

New Launchers

Roton Test Flight

Astronaut Qualifications

Where To Get More Info


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