Space Exploration Merit Badge

Space Exploration Merit Badge
April 2000

Video Clips

The MPEG, QuickTime and Windows Media video clips below are associated
with the PowerPoint presentation slide number listed. These files are offered
separately because of their large size.

The DC-X test flight and the STS-83 launch videos are from previous versions
of this presentation. They and other particularly interesting clips will remain
archived here even if they are dropped from future presentations.

Description File Size (kB) Slide Number
2000 Presentation
STS-99 Launch (ASF) 767 17
Delta On-Board Launch Cam (QT) 27988 18
NEAR Orbits Eros (MPEG) 1159 28
IIS Fly-Around  (MPEG) 2120 37
Pilot's View of STS-78 Landing (MPEG) 640 43
Venture Star Mission Profile (MPEG) 16233 44
Roton Test Flight (AVI) 6119 47
2003 Presentation
STS-107 Launch (AVI) 433 18
STS-107 Launch (Real) 1193 18
STS-107 Debris Strike (MPEG) 1868 19
STS-112 ET-Cam (AVI) 274 59 (Bonus)
ISS Beauty Shot (AVI) 292 39
Older Material
DC-X Test Flight (QT) 2080 (1998)
STS-83 Launch (MPEG) 802 (1999)

Still Images

These are a few select images from the presentation, provided here in 800x600 resolution.
Description File Size (kB)
Shuttle Flight Profile (greyscale JPEG) 217
Shuttle Flight Profile (monochrome JPEG) 193
Shuttle Landing Profile (greyscale JPEG) 219
Shuttle Landing Profile (monochrome JPEG) 194

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