Williamson SIMMONS

9 Apr 1813 - 28 May 1890

Father: Benjamin Wilkes SIMMONS
Mother: Martha HOOD

Family 1 : Delilah WALLACE
  1. +Joel A. SIMMONS
  2. +Samuel C. C. SIMMONS
  3.  Sarah SIMMONS
  4. +Joshua SIMMONS
  5.  Lydia SIMMONS
  6. +Williamson SIMMONS

                           |               |_______________
 _Benjamin Wilkes SIMMONS _|
|                          |                _______________
|                          |_______________|
|                                          |_______________
|--Williamson SIMMONS 
|                                           _William HOOD _
|                           _William HOOD _|
|                          |               |_Unknown ______
|_Martha HOOD _____________|
                           |                _______________
                           |_Martha _______|

[65] The Simmons family moved from Virginia to Washington County, KY in about 1815.
Williamson moved from Kentucky to Bartholomew County, IN in about 1831; then
moved to Platte County, MO in 1839, after the opening of the Platte Purchase.

Washington county, in central Kentucky, was formed in 1792. The southern
half became Marion county in 1834. Bartholomew county, IN, was founded
in 1821. A portion later became part of Brown county in 1836. Platte county, MO
was organized in December 31, 1838, from the Platte Purchase and named for
the Platte River.


"Indiana Source Book, Volume Nine"
(Material from "The Hoosier Genealogist", 1993-1994)
Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, IN; 2002
(p129: "Bartholomew County, Indiana Marraiges, 28 Aug 1832 - 29 Dec 1833",
from Book 2, Bartholomew County Marriages, Bartholomew County Courthouse)
"License: 03 Sep 1832: Simons, William; Delilah Wallace.
Marriage: 13 Oct 1832: William Simmons; Deli Wallace."

"Bartholomew County, IN Marriages 1821-1850"
Slevin, Ruth M.
Indianapolis, IN; 1985, pp 77, 87
"Simmonds, William; Delilah Wallace; Sep 13, 1832; Bartholomew"

"Bartholomew County IN Original Landowners"
(from tract book at Bartholomew Co. courthouse)
Holmes, Maurice, undated, p34
"Simmons, Williamson; tract book p. 80; Oct 25, 1832"

1830 US Federal Census
Washington County, KY
Joshua is listed with 2 males 20-30, 1 female 20-30, and no slaves.
The female would be Mary; the other male is likely Williamson.

1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 Federal Census of Platte Co, MO
(Note that some transcriptions of the 1850 census incorrectly list the birth
of Sarah, Joshua & Lydia as being in IN. They were born in MO.)

1849 Property Tax Rolls of Platte Co, MO
Platte County Historical Society

"1890 Tax Rolls of Platte Co., MO"
Shirley I. Kimsey, 2002
pg. 32: "William Simmons, Sr., Sect. N.E.-N.W.-2 twp 53 range 36"
(Williamson is sometimes referred to as "William, Sr."; he died in 1890)

Obit in the "Weston Chronicle"
Friday, 30 May 1890
(gives date of death as 28 May 1890)

"Annals of Platte Co, MO"
W.M. Paxton
Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co, 1897
p. 918
(Note that this source incorrectly says that Williamson came to Weston in 1857.
Census records clearly place him there long before that. Gives date of death
as 27 May 1890.)

Listing of grave, with annotations, in:
"Platte County, MO Cemeteries: West of I-29/North of 92 Hwy"
Shirley I. Kimsey, 1999
(gives date of death as 28 May 1890)

Simmons Family Genealogical Notes
Mattie Edna Simmons Hughes and Katherine Hughes
hughesh190@yahoo.com; khughes@hickorytech.net
"He was scout of wagon trains during the California gold rush; In 1853
started to California as scout for a wagon train--became ill when 100
miles beyond Salt Lake and returned and wintered there. Was scout
for Union army during war between the states."

Hardin/McGinnis/Simmons Family History
Compiled by Cleta Jane Mulder & Della JoAnn (McGinnis) Johnson

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