Joseph BOONE

5 Apr 1704 - 30 Jan 1776

Father: George BOONE III
Mother: Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE

                                            _George BOONE I_
                          _George BOONE II_|
                         |                 |________________
 _George BOONE III_______|
|                        |                  ________________
|                        |_Sarah UPPEY ____|
|                                          |________________
|--Joseph BOONE 
|                                           ________________
|                         _John MAUGRIDGE _|
|                        |                 |________________
|_Mary Milton MAUGRIDGE _|
                         |                  ________________
                         |_Mary MILTON ____|

[549] "The First 5 Generations of the George Boone Family"
The Boone Society, Inc., October 2006
"Neither Spraker nor the Old James Boone Genealogy give a last name for wife Catherine, but
Sarah Ridge Rockenfield in her book, "Our Boone Families, Daniel Boones Kinfolks, USA Boones",
gives name of wife of Joseph Boone, son of George Boone III & Mary Maugridge, as Catherine
Warren. If this is true, its interesting that both Joseph Boone Sr. and Joseph Jr. had a wife with the
same surname of Warren. Hazel Spraker lists no known children for this couple. The Boone Society
has determined, however, that Joseph Boone Sr. and his wife Catherine had at least 3 sons."

"The Boone Family; a Genealogical History"
Hazel Atterbury Spraker
Rutland, VT, 1922
(Reprinted, Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore, MD. 1974)
p24: "Joseph Boone. b. 5 Apr., 1704; d 30 Jan., 1776, in his 72nd year; m. Catherine -------
(d. 31 Jan., 1778). Their descendants are not known, and no authentic knowledge of Joseph has
been found except the above data from the old James Boone Genealogy. Several marriages under
the name Joseph Boone appear at various dates in Exeter Records, the earliest reading as follows:
"8-30-1733, Joseph Boone produced a paper of condemnation for proceeding in marriage contrary
to order."

[547] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

[548] [S13] BrŠiderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3979, Date of Import: Apr 18, 1998

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